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Channel crossing with bike (Part 1 of 4)

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  • Channel crossing with bike (Part 1 of 4)

    Channel crossing with a bike

    My kayak swopped places with my foldable bike for this outing.
    Usually my kayak would have been on the trolley and fishing gear in the daffel bag,
    but this time round I had loaded a paddle board in it.

    I had picked a relatively light weight and compact bike but also equipped with mountain climbing gears.
    My first attempt at becoming amphibious with a bike and paddle board.
    Hope to do so with my kayak in my future attempts,
    once my bike trailer for kayak has been completed.

    Upon reaching the Labrador Park train station about 2 kilometres from the launching spot,
    I assembled my bike for a short pedal there.

    On my way to the launch spot,
    I had confirmed to myself that cycling with a paddle board
    and fishing gear would not be a difficult nor tiring task.
    This paves the way for future amphibious fishing expeditions,
    especially for those spots only accessible by dirt track bikes.

    Next challenge was launching from an algae filled
    and very slippery ramp with tiny but sharp barnacles.
    As I was still nursing an ankle injury, it took me quite a few minutes,
    before I could figure out an 100% sure way to launch without slipping.
    It was through the middle of the ramp
    where all the concrete grooves met at the main spine,
    like those we see on a plant leaf.
    Along this main spine, there is relatively more friction and less algae.
    All fellow kayak anglers who wish to fish here may try this path,
    I had moved up and down along it quite a few times to fasten my bike and gear.

    After everything was set up, I was ready to launch,
    but suddenly the was a cracking sound of thunder.
    I looked up and saw this.
    Could I have come all the way to the edge of the water and have to turn back?

    Went to check the nearest location map to see what are the safe possibilities if it rains.
    The route I decided then to take was along the embankment,
    head west till I reach a long jetty (in gray), beach up and call it the day.
    Should be able to complete within half an hour, or so I thought.
    I started near the star marked by a red text box on the map.

    So, into the water I went, before embarking on my planned route,
    I headed to these three floating buoys for a balance trial.
    If I capsize, at least it would be quite a short swim back to shore with my board and bike (12.8kg).

    To be continued in part 2 as there is a photo limit.

    Fishing quota exceeded.

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    Truly Braveheart!!

    I have done many solo ops before but they are nothing compared to yours.
    My Fishing/Kayak Blog
    Simply fishing, no 'politics' please


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      Well said Lurer he is a very brave kayak Angler
      It is through self reflection that our true potential is dicovered.
      It is through selflessness that our true purpose is discovered.
      Fishing gives me joys kayaking gives me freedom:)


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        Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up!


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          You have taken fishing into another level!! Salute!


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            Thanks Lurer, Philip, Vanduka and Chris.
            I am not so brave lah, becoming a bit of an adrenaline junkie only.
            Fishing quota exceeded.


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              Very interesting, keep it up!